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Murillo Henrique

Funk Instructor

Murillo Henrique

Murillo Henrique is a gifted, multi-talented and magnetic Brazilian artist. Born and raised in the favelas of São Paulo, he has music and dance coursing through his veins. Murillo grew up dancing on the streets of the communities being surrounded by the sounds of Funk and Urban music and movements of resistance.

With a very natural ability across several genres, Murillo began to dance professionally only after moving to Sydney, Australia. He has trained in Funk and Urban as well as Samba and Afro Brazilian dance and has become known in dance circles for his mesmerising, raw and powerful style.

Murillo is a core performing artist with the renowned Rio Projekt performance company and Funk / Urban instructor at Escola de Samba Sydney. He has a strong connection to his roots and passion for his culture and exudes pure heart and soul in every performance and class.

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