Level 1

This course is focused on learning Samba from the ground up. You will learn the technique for the Samba basic step including the foundation footwork and hip movements. We also work on arm placement, body movement and some simple parading and steps.


In this course, we teach and break down the timing and movements in detail in order to ensure that everyone in the class learns at a comfortable pace.


This course is suitable for absolute beginners or beginner level Samba students who want to refresh their basic skills.

Level 2

Our level 2 Samba Improvers course is designed as the ideal next step up from Samba Beginners. The course is focused on improving your Samba basic skills and expanding your range of body movement.


The course will build your Samba fundamentals and also incorporates elements of classic dance technique to teach you to transition through steps smoothly, learn control and weight placement, create flattering lines with your body, and be sharp and strong with your movements when required.

This course is ideal for Samba Beginners who want to progress to the next level or anyone who has a basic knowledge of Samba and wants to brush up on their skills.

Level 3

Our Samba Intermediate course is designed to level up your Samba technique, movement and fitness based on the standards of the Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro.


The course will focus on building Samba speed and fitness using various drills and exercises, expanding your range of hip movements and footwork, refining arm placement as well as improving Samba travel technique and transitions. We also work on incorporating the essential “gingado” (vibe / swing) in your Samba so that you can dance Samba with more feeling and ease.


This course is the ideal next step up from Samba Improvers and prepares dancers for Passista style Samba classes.

(Level 4) Intermediate - Advanced

Our Samba Drills class focuses on refining technique, resistençia (fitness) and the essential movements for Rio Passista style Samba. Based on the world renowned technique of Carlinhos Salgueiro (see description in Passista Class below) and the top Samba schools in Rio.


This class is “projeto” (Samba school training in Brazil) style and involves drilling Passista technique, fitness, “Samba Diva” styling and all the latest Passista fundamentals from Rio. We will also work on incorporating musicality, rhythm, personality and confidence in performing Samba and expand your understanding of Samba and Carnaval culture.


This class requires students to have a base intermediate level of Samba no pé.


This class is based on Passista style straight from the top Samba schools in Rio focusing on both Passista show and Passista ala style. Our director Sashya Jay is the only instructor in Australia officially accredited to teach the signature “Samba Diva” style of Carlinhos Salgueiro (Brazil’s King of Samba) and our instructors are all experienced Passistas in Rio and trained in this style.


Passista class focuses on the essence of Passista Samba Diva performance, fast footwork, short choreography combinations, desfilando (parading) and resistencia (Samba fitness). This class also includes learning to freestyle with musicality and develop your own individual Samba “jeito” (way/vibe) as well as work as a team in performance.


In Brasil the “Ala das Passistas” is the section of each Samba school (and carnaval parade) that is made up of the official Samba performers (Passistas) and requires a high level of Samba skill and fitness. 


Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Samba dancers who want to learn authentic Passista style.

Intermediate - Advanced

Commercial Funk is a Jazz and JFH (Jazz Funk Hip Hop) stylised class with elements of the hottest moves from Brazilian Funk. This class will be incorporating the fundamentals of Commercial Jazz such as Musicality, Textures, Technique, Shapes and Lines along with the viral moves of Brazilian Funk.


Structured like a regular Open Class, this class will predominately be choreography/routine based which will be broken down at a fun and easy pace. This class will help inspire you with choreography and how to stylise movements that can benefit you for any class or style.  


Occasionally the class will be a Commercial Funk Heels class. These particular classes will demonstrate how to dance in heels, particularly with distributing your weight and balance in heels while adding a “Diva” personality to it.

Beginners - Intermediate

Finally a course that teaches Brazilian Funk from the ground up! Funk is most popular urban dance style sweeping Brazil and the world with its infectious rhythms and party vibes.


This course breaks down the fundamentals of Funk at a slow pace so that everyone can learn the basic technique for Funk body movements, from booty to hips to footwork.  Mixing Rio Funk and the popular Fit Dance style from Brazil, this course also focuses on getting that super fun Brazilian vibe and swing into your movements. 


Suitable for absolute beginners and no dance experience necessary.

By Registration

This is a specific performance training class for our student performance team known as The Sambinhas.  The class involves learning choreographies and training for performances.


Our student performance crew is a passionate not for profit team performing for the love of Samba. The Sambinhas perform at various events such as charity functions, fundraisers, festivals, school functions and more.


Note: Attendance of the Passista Style Class (8:30pm on Mondays) is a pre-requisite to join the student performance team "The Sambinhas". Please contact us for more information and to register your interest.

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