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Escola de Samba Sydney is Australia's foremost dedicated Brazilian dance school. We offer classes and courses in Samba no pé, Brazilian Funk and Afro Roots as well as workshops with live bateria (drums). There are classes for all levels from absolute beginners to a professional level.

Our classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Triple Menace Studios, 86 Sydnenham Road, Marrickville (Sydney’s inner west). The studio is a short walk from Sydnenham train station and there is ample street parking.

We also offer an extensive online training program, our "Online Studio" with courses, drills packs and an exclusive Samba Membership.

Escola de Samba Sydney is dedicated to providing progressive Brazilian dance education that is aligned with the latest and evolving dance techniques and artistic styles in Brazil, with authenticity and respect for the roots of the culture at our core.



We are dedicated to the integrity of Brazilian dance education. We are passionate about sharing our experience and love for Brazilian dance culture with all our students and nurturing them to grow and be their best dance selves! 


The Escola’s director and head instructor Sashya Jay is Australia’s most recognised Brazilian Samba director, choreographer and artist. Musa of Rio's most famous Samba school, Mangueira, she one of only a handful of artists worldwide who are officially endorsed by Brazil’s “King of Samba” Carlinhos Salgueiro and Mangueira's Rainha (queen) de Bateria, Evelyn Bastos to teach their techniques.

Sashya has formulated Escola's signature Samba syllabus from her years of unparalleled experience working with the best of the best in Brazil, parading in Rio Carnaval and being at the forefront of Samba in Australia. She is known internationally for "changing the game" both in the way that Samba is taught and represented outside Brasil and also for leading the way for other international dancers to experience Carnaval in Rio.


Escola de Samba Sydney is the only Brazilian dance school in Australia with an entire team of instructors who all have extensive experience in Brazil at a professional level.


Our instructors travel to Brazil regularly to train with the masters and perform in Rio Carnaval and have been official Passistas of Rio’s top Samba schools in including Estaçao Primeria de Mangueira, Academicos do Salgueiro, Paraiso do Tuiuiti, Imperio Serrano, Unidos de Bangu, Porto da Pedra and Sao Clemente. Our instructor Jeska was also selected to be in the elite cast of only 24 top Samba dancers competing in the prestigious Brasil Samba Congress 2019 Championships in Rio de Janeiro.

The exceptional wealth of experience of our instructor team is reflected across all of our classes.

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Escola de Samba Sydney is affiliated with Rio Projekt and Samba International.

Founded in 2016 and co-directed by Sashya Jay, Samba International and Escola de Samba Sydney provide students and Carnaval enthusiasts worldwide with a wide range of opportunities to have an authentic experience and parade in Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. Samba Internacional also presented the Australia Samba Congress (2018 and 2019).

The Escola instructors are all professional artists of the world-renowned Brazilian show company, Rio Projekt, directed by our Sashya Jay. Based in Sydney, Rio Projekt provides the most extravagant and authentic Brazilian entertainment experience for events and also presents a magnificent theatre-style stage production, The Carnaval Experience.

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