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Geovanna Nascimento

Samba Instructor

Geovanna Nascimento

Geovanna (known as Geo) is a professional Brazilian dancer from Sao Paulo who has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Geo started Samba at the age of 16 when she paraded for the first time in Sao Paulo Carnaval. She fell in love with Samba and continued her journey evolving and working with the art form.
Trained in variety of commercial and Latin dance genres, Geo began her international career at the age of 19, travelling to more than 25 countries through dance. Since moving to Sydney, Australia in 2020, Geo has established herself as a versatile and dynamic dance artist and instructor. She regularly performs at various events and has been teaching Samba and Latin dance since residing in Sydney.  Geo has won the Australian Samba Queen award twice and has coached several dancers and dance teams.
In 2024 Geo had the honour of parading as Musa in Rio Carnaval with Imperio da Tijuca. She spent significant time training in Rio and her love for Samba grew even deeper.

Geo brings her passion for her culture, her explosive energy and versatile talent to the Rio Projekt performance company and Escola de Samba Sydney Instructor team.

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