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Eleni Prikas

Samba Instructor

Eleni Prikas

Eleni is a professional, full time dance artist and instructor. With Bellydance as her main speciality for 15 years, Eleni is also an established and respected Samba dancer and instructor.

Eleni is one of Sydney’s most sought-after Bellydance artists and regularly performs at various functions, restaurants and theatre shows. She has also appeared in the media in print and on television shows including The Bachelor and MAFS. She has been training in Bellydance since the age of 13 and has travelled to Egypt and Spain to learn from Egyptian master instructors including Randa Kamel, Aziza, Mo Gedawwi, Mohamed Shahin and many more.

Eleni’s journey with Samba began in 2019 when she started training with Sashya Jay. Her natural flair as a dancer and love for Samba saw her progress in the genre quickly and she soon became part of the pro performance team at Escola de Samba Sydney.

Eleni’s passion for Samba has taken her to Brazil three times for cultural immersion and intensive training with Carlinhos Salgueiro and other master instructors in Rio. She paraded in Rio Carnaval in 2023 and 2024 as an official Passista for Unidos de Bangu and Academicos do Salgueiro and will continue parading with both these schools next Carnaval.

Eleni’s solid technique and passion for sharing the art of Samba with students makes her an invaluable and well-loved instructor at Escola de Samba Sydney. She is also a member of the renowned Rio Projekt performance company.

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